Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Coming to you from Tijuana

    Hola amigos.
    I've been in Mexico for a couple of days now and am enjoying my visit. I have a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean and, for a gal who lives in the desert, it is mouth-watering and refreshing.
    Yesterday, I headed to Ensenada. The drive down is spectacular. Second only to the magnificent views of Big Sur from the PC1 highway. It was slightly overcast, but it did not diminish the beauty.
   Ensenada is a port city, but since the reported violence in Mexico, cruise ships are now veering away (with the exception of only two cruise lines) and what was once a city that thrived on tourism, is now sadly looking desperate. The streets were fairly empty, many stores have closed for good, stores that did survive had signs saying they were only open when the two cruise ships were in port.
   The merchants who were still in business were only too happy to bargain with you. "Hey, lady, what do you want to give me for this?" I felt pangs of guilt walking away from people in need.
   This afternoon is the Meet & Greet. One of the people coming has MS and I have a lot of questions for her regarding living in Mexico -a third world country- and surviving with a disAbility. Looking forward to it and I will report back tomorrow.


  1. Congrats. on the Blog Award. He really had some nice words to say. Look forward to hearing about the Meet & Greet.


  2. Good for you! Sometimes we need to stop from everything else and actually enjoy the places we travel (and yet you are still blogging away!) ;-)
    BTW: Ordered "Once in Every Generation" today for my kindle. Looking forward to reading it this month.