Sunday, July 10, 2011

Helping Each Other (...well, mostly me right now)

     I had an idea and wondered if my followers would be willing to help me out. Four months ago I paid to have a book trailer made of "Once in Every Generation"which can be viewed on this blog. It turned out great. In the 4 months I have had 840 visits and 24 comments. I may have made some book sales through it – that’s hard to tell.
    I asking if all of you would please click onto this site: , and, if possible, leave a comment. That would help me rise up the Youtube ladder. Additionally, I’m requesting that you share the website address onto your Facebook page, Twitter, blogs, etc.
    I don’t believe that a book trailer could possibly go “viral” – that only happens to people who burp the Star-Spangled Banner. But it would be a great experiment. Obviously, this request is not completely altruistic – it’s possible I may get some sales out of it. But for anyone with a book, cd, service, or anything to sell, we could then help each other in the same way, since we are all in the same boat. Just send the website address you want to promote. 
     My thanks to those of you who do this and please let me know your book’s name (website, Amazon link- if you’re an Amazon Associate, etc).
     By the way, the image above is for you people with smartphones. you can capture that image and it's a direct link to the Youtube site. (I think. I'm not smart enough to own a smartphone.)

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