Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shhhh.......Big Brother is Watching!

    Interesting statistics. Looks like I have to get busy and change ALL my passwords.
    According to this eye-opener, all I need do is add two more characters, a number, and a symbol, and then it would take 44,530 years for someone to hack into my computer.
    In truth, I am tired of having several different passwords. This would be a big relief. In the year 46,541AD I am assuming that not only will I no longer be around, but computers as we know it, will have changed ... just a little.
    Maybe I will just add two more characters and "Uppercase" and hope that 178 years will also bring those changes. That is assuming, of course, that in the year 2189AD, the changes in computers will be as exponential as they have been in the past 50 years. Easy assumption.
    Shhhh. Okay, people - get busy. Start changing those passwords and just hope the hackers of the world don't read this blog. TOP SECRET! Let's just keep it between us ... and the world wide web.

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