Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm okay with sappy ... really!

    So, it finally happened. Someone gave me a three-star rating on Amazon. Though she wrote that the novel was “well-written and composed,” she found it sappy. I am not here to defend my storyline and dispute her critique, but rather to applaud her. This reader did not sugar-coat a review, but wrote what she really felt.
    I have always requested that people post a review – the good or the bad. I believe that I can only learn and grow as a writer, with truthful critiques. This is not to say that I believe the good reviews were not honest. I truly believe the gentleman who e-mailed me that "he found himself in tears," but that I shouldn’t share that with anyone, so as to protect his manly reputation. J
    No novel can satisfy everyone. Everyone is touched on a different level.  I received a contact from a woman in New Zealand who loaned her mother the novel, so that her mother could understand what it was she was going through. That in turn, touched me. 

    Sappy? Yes, it is a sappy story that belongs as a Hallmark Movie-of-the-Week (or so I’ve been told…know any producers?).

    I do appreciate any and all comments left on my blog or on Amazon. It lets me know that people are reading the book. Whatever they take away from it is theirs to own.

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