Friday, September 2, 2011


From where does inspiration come? It's not a tangible object you can buy at the local supermarket. You can't will it to appear.
This week I was inspired by several things, while I visited the Baja.
First of all, the beauty of the majestic and scenic Baja coast - Nature at her finest.
The faces of the little children clinging to the skirts of their madres - still smiling with hopeful innocence. 
The sellers, who in spite of fading tourism, hold onto the hope that their market stall will survive.
The two women who attended the "Meet & Greet" and said I inspired them to finish the story they had begun. (That's called reverse inspiration.) But, in saying that, they inspired me to continue writing, knowing I can affect people on some level.
My good friend, my host Ruth, who had stepped out of her car at a toll booth to retrieve some money in the back seat, when an impatient national honked at her, turned around and said defiantly, "Are you honking at me? Are you honking at me? What do you think I'm doing, stopping to have coffee and cake?" It was the best Robert DeNiro imitation (from the movie Taxi) I have heard. It was her bravado which inspired me.
Meeting an elderly woman who has relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis, walks with a cane, yet is planning to walk a 50 mile, three-day walk-a-thon to raise money and awareness for MS. There's inspiration.
My five-day visit brought me a feeling of revitalization, renewal, friendship and inspiration.
Where does inspiration come from? Look around you - it's everywhere.


  1. Awesome blog Lauren. I think you are so right. It comes from around a person...if only they care to see it.


  2. Now following your blog