Monday, October 10, 2011

Guest Blog: A RaeMarkable Woman

Multiple Sclerosis saved my life.
by RaeMarkable Edwards

Sure I lost the life I had. Career, Family, Friends, Home...
A Shelter for the Medically Frail was the only door that opened for me, at the time.
Multiple Sclerosis saved my life.
Not only was the Facility pleasant but, I met others with Multiple Sclerosis.  Everyone had a story, a life... a life before MS.
Everyone deserves a Stage and a Spotlight on their ABILITIES.
It was then I Founded MSstation Inc. The 1st Multiple Sclerosis Radio Station.  MSstation went Global instantly.  Operating a Station from a Shelter was difficult.  But, I remained determined.
I remember:
    ...running up and down streets with my laptop, seeking out an Internet Cafe before a show was scheduled to air. plaguing fears of people destroying my dream, as I remained critically limited.
Nothing gave me more pleasure than returning life, light and abilities to people with Multiple Sclerosis.  As per my Mission Statement, MSstation Inc. is Dedicated to Providing Global Awareness, Encouragement and Support for People Affected Directly and Indirectly by Multiple Sclerosis (disabilities and Other Chronic Illnesses).
Persevering through adversity catapult me into success.
I believe “Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.”  ~George Patton
My two year wait for disability finally paid off. Although, living in a two bedroom apartment with a pool in the backyard is extraordinary, (considering) my greatest pride and joy is operating MSstation Inc. from the comfort of my Home Office. 
Contrary to my earlier fears, my dream is to eventually leave something behind and pass on my Legacy.  So, maybe one day someone would also say “Multiple Sclerosis saved my life”.

Follow Rae on her Facebook page "Let's Change MS to MADE STRONGER together!!";; her blog; http://MSstation.TV; and tune into to her MS radio station, where you can join live conversations and/or listen to archived shows. 

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  1. Lauren,

    Thanks for sharing Rae's story with us.


    I wish you nothing but the best with your future endeavors and in getting out the word.

    I will do my part by tweeting this blog to who ever is out there "listening" and wishing to learn more.

    Lynn Hallbrooks