Friday, January 20, 2012

Ah, the Smell of Coffee and Energy is in the Air

    It has been a while since I last posted a blog. January 1st was my last post. Since nothing had come to mind, I didn't want to blog for the sake of blogging. That would be rambling about nothing and, I assume, boring and a turn-off for most of you.
    But, I have some exciting news.
    Let me just say this first:
    One of my past posts was about procrastination (on my part). It ended with a solemn vow to write two days a week. I'll share a secret: that didn't come to pass. As Angelina Mariano says in Once in Every Generation "Life gets in the way of living." And, that’s exactly what happened.
    In my case, my multiple sclerosis got in my way. I became ill and lost any momentum I had begun. MS can do that. Pain can do that. Fatigue can do that. Lack of interest can do that.
    Finding myself flat on my back with pain from degeneration in my lower lumbar area; the pain and fatigue made me lose interest. I can hear you saying, "Well, that's what laptops are for." Uh, uh. Not me. I prefer to write sitting up and at a desk. Habit, I suppose. A condition I set up for myself years ago.
    After a while, the pain subsided and, though the degeneration will inevitably continue, I have been reinvigorated with new energy. And, this is why...
    I have broken a habit. I no longer sit at my desk, but actually take my laptop to a bustling coffee shop…and I WRITE! With a caramel macchiato (with soy milk), and a muffin, I sit and get lost in my writing. Background noise be damned – I don’t hear it. I am lost in my writing. Yesterday, four hours magically flew by before my cel phone rang and shook me out of my reverie.
    As a result, I am getting a lot done on my second novel. I hope you are as happy for me as I am. I see you smiling. I call this the J.K.Rowling effect.
    My second news:
    1.)    Next week I will be a guest author at a book club about two hours north of me. I was contacted through my website by the hostess. She has MS and found me on Amazon.
    2.)    I will be on internet radio on February 22nd for an online book club.
    3.)    There is a Facebook book club who has slated me as their first book – date TBA.
    So, as my body is back to moving along, As is my writing/book life.
    And this is HUGE: My book is the number three spot out of 100 books on Amazon under literature & fiction – multiple sclerosis! I’M NUMBER THREE!!! I ask that if you have read it, please post a review on my Amazon site: You don’t have to use your name – an alias will do. It’ll help keep me up in the ranks.
    Well, I’m off to the coffee shop. Got to keep writing, not to mention – I'm now addicted to caffeine.

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