Thursday, February 23, 2012

BlogTalkRadio - Out with the old, in with the new.

    I just had the pleasure and honor of doing an internet radio show interview. It lasted about 90 minutes and was on the You’ll see the widget on the right side of this blog below my name. Just hit the arrow, sit back with a glass of wine, put your feet up and listen.
    With Shera Cohen as the monitor/interviewer, book club members, and call-ins, the time seemed to speed by.

    Internet radio is such a different type of medium for me. Shera and I had our own performing arts weekly radio talk show about 17 years ago. We actually drove to a radio station, met with the interviewee, sat down at a table across from that person, and spoke into a microphone. It was taped and not live, and on more than one occasion that was very fortunate for us.
    On internet radio, it is live, you are speaking into a telephone and people can call in from anywhere on the globe. Often, since you are not seeing the other person calling in, there is a tendency to “talk over” each other, like we all do on cel phones. Plus, once it is over, it is FOREVER on the web. So, if you come across sounding like an idiot, you will FOREVER sound like one.

    There are many pluses to this type of radio show. You are not limited to a 50-mile radius – it goes out to the whole world. Since it is archived, those people who missed listening at the appointed hour can always listen at their leisure. People listen on their computer, and frankly, besides my car radio, I don’t own a radio anymore. Do you? But, obviously, I do own a computer. Since it is live, people can call from anywhere and, if you are patient and can wait in the queue, you may get a chance to speak to the guest.
    I want to thank the remarkable Rae Edwards, whose vision has made this station a reality. I want to thank Shera Cohen for hosting the show and keeping us all focused. Thank you to Bookclub Members Liset and Yolanda and the call-in guests for their great questions.

    I came away from the show truly inspired by Yolanda and if you listen to the show, you will too. Her courage is, in the truest sense, awesome. She is one gutsy lady.
    Let me know your thoughts.   


  1. Thank you so much Lauren for encouraging me to participate in the on the Air BookClub program when I thought my speech difficulties may be a hindrance.
    You and Rae Edwards never once wavered.In fact early on you posted all levels of participation are welcome and encouraged me to participate.It meant the world to me and still does.I thank Shera,Liset and Rae for your awesome patience and support.
    Your book is awesome and the show this past Wednesday was a treasure. I still feel the the magnificent journey of the characters in the dynamic story because so many elements can be about anyone's life.

  2. Yoland,
    Your participation in the show helped raise the standard for all radio shows. I'm not sure how any show will top it. Thank you for your contribution to it.
    I'm thrilled to be able to call you my friend.