Monday, February 14, 2011

The Trailer

   The video book trailer on Youtube: was posted just three days ago. As of this writing, it has had 175 hits. That's more in three days than my Facebook and Twitter accounts combined. Sometimes it is difficult to wrap your mind around how fast this world is evolving.
   Twenty years ago an author needed a literary agent to get to a publisher. Now, you don't even need a publisher. The internet has changed and challenged everything regarding the printed word. Soon "the printed word" may become an oxymoron. Newspapers won't have the right to call them selves news"papers." Magazines will be Mag-ezines. Even the radio is on the internet, now. All genre of media has changed drastically.
   I'm a bit old-fashioned. I still like the feel of a book. I like the smell of a book; the older - the better. Yet, I know that my future will encompass Kindles/Nooks, etc. Certainly, my novel will end up as a download.
   There will be no bookstores to walk into and spend hours. Depressing, isn't it?
   But to the younger generation, who has been brought up with laptops; researching, completing and submitting homework online; social networking with 650,000 of their closest friend - this is the norm.
   Fighting progress is futile.
   I am grateful for new avenues to promote my novel. Twenty years ago, my novel would not have stood a chance of getting into print. Now, because of a grassroots movement, and dare I say it, social networking, people are actually buying and reading my story.
   I admit that I get a kick out of receiving an e-mail from a total stranger, who was moved by my story. It's rewarding to know that my website has been checked out in 16 different countries and about half of the states in the USA has checked in, as well.
   Still waiting fro that call from Hollywood. I'll let you know.


  1. So true. I am in awe sometimes. But no Library of Congress will our work endure?

  2. If you want to share your trailer more you can always tweet about it on on twitter #SampleSunday and #fridayreads