Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blogs vs Twitter

My last blog was 12 days ago. I commented that my Youtube book trailer had received 175 hits in one week, which was very exciting. Now, it's 12 days later and the total has risen to 343. There are now two places on Youtube to click, because I reposted the video with more tags. What I find surprising is that no one has left a comment ... either good or bad (I say this with the caveat that people on Facebook have commented, but not on Youtube). I would love to hear from you. I am open to hear your critiques and I learn from everyone.
I recently read that blogs are fast becoming a thing of the past. Twitter has taken over. That makes me very upset, because, though I do Tweet at Peacock10, I have NO idea what I'm doing. I find the little hashtags confusing, and it's a real challenge to fit 140 words into that tiny little space. We are communicating in half sentences and horrible spelling. This is disconcerting to me.
Think I'll stick with Facebook and my blog. Sure, I'll visit and post to Twitter occasionally. But, fair warning: U won't catch me shortng my wrds.

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  1. LOL, it is all very much a feeling I am under attack, as a writer. Books will be hardware. The English language will be cremated and its ashes tossed into the winds of technology. I am using Twitter and Face Book as experiments for my book-book. (gulp, so sad) These are hard times for we of the Bard craft.