Friday, March 25, 2011

Coming soon to a Kindle near you.

    Okay, so I vascillate. I said I would refuse to Twitter and now, I'm tweeting. Turns out that it is through my tweets that my sites get the most traffic. And, I don't even know what I'm doing. I just post something that I think is relevant, someone out in this vast cyber-universe reads it, and checks out my site. I will be meeting with a high school sophomore next week, who will explain Twitter to me. Something very ironic in that. I was using computers before he was even born
    I said I hesitated to transfer my book into an e-book. My reasons were financial and personal. On a personal note - I don't own a Kindle. I like the feel and the smell of books. I like looking at my collection of books on my bookshelf. I love walking into a bookstore. However, too many people have asked me if it was available on Kindle. I was missing a possible large audience. On a financial note - the publisher was going to charge several hundreds of dollars and then keep a portion of the royalties from each sale. Since, logically, my book will be available in cyberspace forever, they could conceivably collect royalties forever. Ha! I fooled them. I went to Youtube and through an instructional video learned how to do it myself. It was fairly easy, even for me. Now, because I own the rights to my own novel, I don't have to share any royalties with them.
   In a few days, I will be sending a massive e-mail, Facebook and Twitter post, announcing the e-book that I created. Just hope I did it the right way.

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