Friday, March 18, 2011

MS March Madness

I'm not sure why it seems important to me, but I have just 18 states to go to fill all of the United States. Eighteen out of 50 doesn't seem like a lot, but it's like losing that last 5 pounds. I'm missing some of the mid-western states like Wyoming, Idaho, Utah. The east coast is covered, with the exception of Vermont and Rhode Island.
Upon reflection, I realize that trying to spread awareness of multiple sclerosis is a daunting task. Now, you can't tell me that people affected by MS don't live in North or South Dakota.
My goal is to fill the entire map of this country with hits to my website: I realize that all those people who visited my site did not purchase my book. They may have actually stumbled upon it by accident. I can live with that. The website itself is not an educational learning experience. It is purely a self-promotion of my novel that my publisher told me was necessary.
However, the novel itself, "Once in Every Generation" is, indeed, an educational tool. Aiming at readers of fiction, I write about multiple sclerosis with facts. Hopefully, the reader has enjoyed the storyline, and through osmosis, has learned about a disease that, perhaps, they were not aware. No longer unaware, that reader will now be meeting people who have MS. They will be coming out of the shadows: friends, relatives, friends of relatives, etc. The reader will say, "I didn't know you had MS. You look so well. Ah, but I know a little bit about it, having just finished a great novel. Tell me - how are you feeling?"
AWARENESS has escalated. One person touching another, reaching out and touching another.
I realize that March Madness is not all about basketball. It's MS Awareness Month and I have spent most of this month madly pressing the need for MS awareness.
Now, if I can just get those remaining 18 states to drop by. You know anyone?

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