Monday, May 23, 2011

    I am loving the great city of London. However, like many great cities, it is a large city and there is a lot of walking. I was hoping to avoid it, but today I will be using my cane. Truthfully, the last time I actually did this much walking was when I was a student in Boston thirty-five (gulp!) years ago. But, I was young and healthy then. Now ... not so much.
    Yesterday, we attended a performance of "As You Like It" at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. What a great experience. For those of you not familiar with The Globe, it is a round, open-air venue. Many of the audience stand on the ground around a 3/4 thrust stage, whilst (note ye olde English again), the rest of us sit on wooden benches without backs for two hours. Ouch! I did rent us cushions and that helped quite a bit.
    Shakepeare's shortest plays (with the exception of MacBeth) are his comedies. I admit that 35 years ago, I studied and understood Shakepeare's writings, but brain fog has settled in, and there were times I was a bit lost. But hearing his words voiced by actors with English accents, made it a true pleasure.
    After the play, we walked along the muddy Thames from The Globe to the Tower Bridge. A very long walk. We are returning to The Globe for another play later in the week. This time a taxi!
     Returning to the hotel, I proceeded to lay down on the floor and stayed there for about an hour. Regretfully, I had to cancel a wonderful invitation on a Narrow canal boat ride, fearing I would not be able to handle the walk to the tube.
    So, today the cane comes out. But, wasn't it the Europeans that made the cane a fashionable accessory years ago? 

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