Friday, May 20, 2011


    OY! My legs are killing me. I just took the tube to the British Library. The tube is fine, but going through its very long corridors is painful. Advise using a wheelchair, if possible.
    Once inside this massive building, it took me nearly 45 minutes to get all my passes in order, so I may enter the inner sanctum. But it was most definitely worth it.
     I am now sitting in the Reference Room of the British Library, with my very own library card. Feeling very privileged. Considering the amount of people in this room, it's the quietest library I've ever been inside.
     I am overwhelmed by the stacks of books, trying diligently to look up a young girl who lived here during 1938-1940. Probably impossible, as she was an orphan and had been transported on the kindertransport from Amsterdam. Since there is no information as to where she was sent in England, I believe my efforts will be futile. I believe her to be my muse for this next novel, and what little information I do have will have to suffice as my basis for the fictional story.
    I am enjoying London. I feel I can take all the credit for bringing the sunshine we have experience since we arrived.


  1. Hey Laur, leave it to you to visit a library in London ;-) Seriously, what an adventure. I look forward to hearing more! Sorry I missed you when you were in town.

  2. My favourite place in London!! I can't ever get enough of it, although I've been there several times. It's so vast!!!!