Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm On My Way!

    I am sitting in my Boston hotel room, finishing off a late night supper. Tomorrow I leave my family behind for a 10 day stay in London. Last time I was there was 1983 - you do the math.        
    The dollar back then had more weight to it. I returned home three purses, two umbrellas, perfume, a custom-made suit, kitchen items and a lot of other fun things. Somehow or other the US dollar had done a turn-around. For every pound I will spend, I will be spending $1.62. I don't think I will be returning with as many fun things this time around.
    It will be very interesting to see how I fare, because in 1983 I did not have any signs of multiple sclerosis. I am certainly not as spry as I was back then and, to me, the world was not as scary a place. Times do change.
    I was wise enough to order a wheelchair to meet me at the Atlanta stopover. A VERY good idea, since it is a VERY large airport. I felt like I was at Disneyland all over again. Getting in the front of the lines, going through entries and exits that only employees are privy to. I recommend it to everyone.
    In London, I will begin research on the novel I hinted at in a previous post. I found it impossible to concentrate on the airplane, as I was jammed between two overweight men. They were polite enough, however they each took ownership of the arms that separated our seats. Not really conducive to writing, but I did do a lot of thinking. Inside my head, the plot is coming along nicely.
    I will attempt to journal my trip through this blog, in between sightseeing and research. It will be interesting to me, at least, to see how well I do physically. I suspect I will be on autopilot during the day, stopping when necessary, and then collapse in the evening. I pray I do not become a drag on my friend Shera who invited me along on this journey.
    So, next time I post, it will be from London. Cheerio. Oh, sorry, my son corrected me that the English don't really say cheerio anymore - just cheers. Therfore and heretofor and forever more - CHEERS!


  1. Welcome to England hope you have a good stay. I just had weekend in london and found it disabled friendly, hope you do too x