Thursday, May 19, 2011


    I'm sitting, enjoying healthy-minded breakfast in an internet cafe adjacent to my hotel. I've decided not to use the internet hotel as it costs 25 pounds/day, which is the equivalent of $40. You could actually say, my mind was made up for me. So, my journal will certainly not be posted each day, but I will attempt as often as possible.
    The flight to London was delayed in leaving and then delayed over London due to inclement weather. However, the sun is shining to day and it's warm outside. I think the English owe me a big thank you for bringing them some Arizona sunshine. I just can't guarantee how long my power over the weather will hold out.
    Our first dinner was at a restaurant fittingly called "Shakespeare's Head" and we ate in the Macbeth room. The meal was delicious and ended up free. Yes, that is correct. FREE. I had asked the waiter to take our picture, and he acquieced to our request. However, he dropped and broke my camera. So, naturally, I insisted he throw in some dessert.
    I will be spending my afternoon looking for a new camera.



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