Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Queen for a Day

    Today is Wednesday, and we will be leaving on Friday. Shera has now realized that the extensive list she had prepared of things to see will not be completed. It was an ambitious attempt to cram in ALL the sights of a major European capitol, but she will have to save it for another visit.
    We were, however, able to cross a lot off that list.
    Last night we saw another play - Blood Brothers. Very powerful musical that had me on my feet for an ovation. Apparently, the English audience do not rise to clap for a performance. I'm not sure why, because there are just some performances that catapult you to standing. Guess you can take the American out of America, but...
    Yesterday, we went to the Tower of London. It is an extensive walking tour, and I did not climb some of the steps to walk the walls that guarded the castle. I was overwhelmed with the history, knowing I was walking the same bricks that Mary Stuart, Anne Boleyn, and a host of other unfortunate captives walked. Their presence was palpable. I'm very sure that if this now-tourist attraction was unattended, and I was alone, I would have been able to hear their cries and prayers of desperation.
    The Crown jewel's are hosted in the Tower and I was more than tempted to purchase a tiara. Afterall, I am the Queen of my castle and should be treated as such. I could just imagine wearing that tiara whilst vacuuming. Alackaday, reality got the better of me as I realized the tiara would collect dust in my desert home as readily as the rest of the house. Alas, no tiara for me.
    Can someone please explain to me why I feel the need to speak in ye olde English? I suspect it's my acting background getting the better of me.
    Today is the day I have waited 27 years for. We're going to Herrod's. That was actually on the top of my list - ahead of the Queen's jewels. As I posted before, the last time I was here the pound was weaker than the dollar, and now things have reversed. I anticipate I will not be as liberal with my spending, but as they say here - no worries. I'm sure I will find some gifts.
   Towards evening we will be getting a private tour of The Globe and attend another Shakespeare comedy. Then one more play tomorrow night.
   Tomorrow I will be getting on a train to spend the day with a friend in Berkhampsted, which is Northwest of London. I so look forward to seeing her as it has been years since I last saw her. I know when I get off the train and I see her wonderfully welcoming smile, the years will fall away.
   So, until tomorrow... cheers to you all.   

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