Saturday, May 28, 2011

Born in the USA

    It's Saturday morning and I'm sitting at Boston Logan Airport - it's 6:30am. After a 5am wakeup call, I headed out, leaving Shera sleeping. The last leg of my journey (with the exception of one layover) is about to begin.
    The last few days in London kept me on the move and left me no time to blog.
    Finally got to Herrod's. I went to the pet spa on the 4th floor and watched the beautiful people have their precious pups groomed. That struck me as incongruous: on one entire floor is a glutony of food courts and another floor they're cutting dog's hair. I really don't know how hygienic that is, but Europe is a country which allows dogs in restaurants, so when in Rome...
    It really is a magnificent store and and an experience in itself. Of course, the only thing I purchased was a gift for someone else as prices were exorbitant. I didn't notice any "sales" racks. Believe it or not, that took up most of Thursday.
    Friday morning I left an early wakeup call, hailed a cab to Euston Station, which I found out later was a three-minute walk from the hotel, and took a train to Berkhampsted.
    I was met by Rene, a friend I hadn't seen in possibly 18 years. It was a wonderful visit. We talked and talked and talked. Then had lunch at a quaint restaurant by the canal, and then talked and talked and talked. It was fabulous to catch up and I even got to meet her daughter-in-law and beautiful grand-daughter.
The time was too short, so we vowed on my next visit we would make sure to allow for more time.
    I took the train back and headed straight to the theatre.
    For most of the ten days in London, we had sunshine. That day it poured. Shera and I had plans to go back to The Globe and see "Much Ado About Nothing." I wondered if that was going to be possible as the theatre is open-air. Of course, if you live in London you deal with the rain, and I just figured it was something with which Shakespeare and Compnay knew how to handle. Gratefully, the clouds which until that evening had been ominous and the rain which had been unrelentless - just stopped. The Bard lives!
    However, being from Arizona I felt the cold "interred with my bones." Sorry, Master William.
    I spent the second half in the lobby and Shera when back in to enjoy the remainder of the play. Well, c'mon, she is from Massachusetts.
    We left London after having an grand experience. There is no doubt that I will not allow 27 years to go by before returning.

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