Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Getting All My Ducks in a Row

    My travel is over and I have most of the information I require to begin my next novel. I did start writing a few chapters while I was in London. I've got the research. I've got the outline. I've got my muse. I just need the time. All my ducks have been placed in a row, but they keep wading in all different directions.
    I know me and I know that I am easily distracted. Sure the MS can be fatiguing. Sure the MS can cause my hands some numbness. But, this time I really should not be blaming the MS. The laundry is piling up along with the dust. I'm expecting visitors and Heaven forbid they should see a "Hi! Dust me." sign etched out on my dining room table.
    Therefore, I have promised myself, that I will get the laundry and housework finished. Then, come hell or high water (interesting saying), I am going to plant myself down, ignore the phone and Facebook, and actually write.
    So, I will be blogging you as I progress on my, yet untitled, new novel.
    Here ducky, ducky. Here ducky, ducky.

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