Monday, May 30, 2011

The Queen is in Residence

    Though there is no flag flying over my home, the Queen is back in residence. I am, indeed, home.
    After spending a day of rest and my family attempting to keep me awake past 6pm on Saturday, the routines and realities of life are encroaching. In fact, I spent today (Memorial Day) at the office catching up with a lot of work. 
    I reflect upon the past two weeks with much satisfaction and accomplishment. I was satisfied with my efforts at walking all over London at a pace I was not used to and managed to accomplish that with using my cane only one day.
    I was satisfied that when I needed to rest I did and still managed to accomplish a lot of touristy things.
    I was satisfied that I was able to drink a martini, champagne, red and white wine - all in one evening - and accomplished that without passing out.
    I was satisfied that I made new and lasting friendships and accomplished winning 40 minutes over minor claustrophobia in an elevator built for two. Close one!
    I was satisfied that Shera and I did not go for each other's throats after rooming together for 10 nights and managed to maintain our friendship of over 35 years. Now, that's an accomplishment.
    Yes, it was a great travel experience. The planes were even on time. I look forward to not waiting another 27 years to return to London.
    My only disappointment was that the Queen - you know, the one who owns all those tiaras - did not invite me over for tea (maybe she didn't know I was there). Therefore, this Queen is going to sit down with a nice cup of Earl Grey, put my feet up, close my eyes and keep reflecting on a wonderful vacation.

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