Saturday, May 15, 2010

Got it!

Yes, it has arrived. My final phase on this long road to publication ... the Author Query Review.
As with everything else in the world, it arrived electronically. Happy to see my final product, I opened it to find more edits. Is this like Barbra Streisand saying, "This is my final concert!" four concerts ago?
I've always believed that timing is everything, and unhappily, I'm a little busy right now. However, I will make the time to get this done.
I must give the publishers credit. They have been extremely patient with me over the years, so now it's my turn to be patient with them.
I am meeting with them this Wednesday to go over the internal workings of the novel: format, book size, etc. Also, we'll begin the process of the design of front and back cover, which is crucial to the selling of the book. Maybe I'll just leave it white. Hey, it worked for the Beatles.

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