Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's official

Yes, it is official. The novel has been sent to the printer. They say it will be three weeks before it becomes available for purchase. I will, of course, inform everyone at that point.
Although my original publication date was set for the end of August, there had been some disappointing and unexpected delays. That is probably par for the course. So, now we can say with some trepidation, to expect availability before the end of October. (Too bad it is not based on Vampires ... it would be a sell-out.)
It will be available on, (Barnes & Noble),, (the publisher), and more dotcoms. BUT, if you want a custom autographed, first edition (just think, in 100 years it could be worth thousands on e-Bay), you could go to my website and place an order. I'll even throw in a bookmark!
But, hold off for another three weeks. I'll be sending out a major e-mail and Facebook blitz to inform people when they can order it.
I'm adding a 10% discount to book clubs who order more than five books.
I'd really appreciate it if you told your friends that you know the author. I don't know why but that seems to motivate people. Better yet, buy one for your friends and give them an autographed copy for the holidays.

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  1. Heard your book will be on the shelves soon. Can't wait to read about these two talented women, their friendship, dealing with illness and a romance. I'll be up all night reading. Can't wait.

    Best wishes to you.